Friday, June 17, 2016

Stretch-Crepe Blazer by MICHAEL Michael Kors

MICHAEL Michael Kors Stretch-Crepe Blazer by MICHAEL Michael Kors

This is a perfect closet staple especially for spring and summer. This beauty needs to get in my closet ASAP! Much love to Michael Kors for this treasure.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Found Favorite Cover-up Line for this Swim Season is… Pia Rossini’s Resort Wear.

I cannot for the life of me recall how I stumbled across the Pia Rossini brand but wow, I am sure happy I did. Pia Rossini was founded in 1999 and is one of the leading accessories brands in the UK and European markets. They have recently expanded into the U.S. market and are passionate about maintaining high-quality design, which is why they are a perfect fit for Sugar & Spice.

As I received my very first stock shipment in of the Aruba Kaftan in black and the Paradiso Sarong in flora/animal lavender print, the quality was the first thing that stood out to me. The Aruba Kaftan is basic black, however, when you look at the lace detailing along the front panel that leads to a center tie, you will then notice pleating that adds a sort of flirty flow to the overall kaftan. The pleated back detail gives this soft poly chiffon kaftan an elegant and romantic feel, which is perfect for the beach or poolside. Fit as one size to make for easy fitting. Black is always a go to color but I like it to have something special to make it stand out among the rest and this gorgeous kaftan does just that.

Now the Paradiso Floral/Animal Lavender Print Sarong is gorgeous with the brilliant use of color. I absolutely LOVE color especially when lounging pool or beach side. This sarong will add a touch of glamour to your beach ensemble, which is made of a soft poly chiffon fabric. One of the best features I enjoy about this sarong is since it has a great use of color, it will accessorize wonderfully with almost any swimsuit. For traveling, I can pack this in a carry-on and use it as my go to sarong on vacation since it is so versatile.

Pia Rossini has been added to Sugar & Spice and I am hoping everyone will enjoy this brand as much as I am so far. More wonderful product to arrive in the near future so keep your eye open for pre-order and new arrival specials.

Until next time… Happy Sunbathing!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

O Palazzo Pant...

I have begun a love affair with the palazzo pant and decided it is time to make our relationship public! The obvious reasons why these pant are so fabulous is the fact that they are perfect for the hot summer days with their flowing, breathable, light fabrics and ridiculously wide legs. Icing on the cake is that the palazzo pant trend really was made popular in the late 60’s and early 70’s but they first hit the avant-garde scene in the 30’s and 40’s and were worn by the likes of Katherine Hepburn and the ever lovely Coco Chanel… can you understand my obsession a little more clearly now.

Although palazzo pants can be downright dreadful if worn in the wrong context or made out of the wrong fabric, you can escape all of that horror if you simply pair them with your favorite swimsuit as a cover-up on the beach or a fitted tank and cute sandals for shopping or brunch with friends and behold you have an effortless and outrageously comfortable outfit to transition from beach to brunch...

Some of my favorites from ELAN are below and even better we will be getting them in-stock over the next couple of weeks. Pre-orders will receive a 20% discount off their order by entering code palazzo13 upon check out... Happy shopping and fabulous wearing!

Rollover Palazzo Pant
Lace Palazzo Pant
Stone Lace Overlay Palazzo Pant
Black Lace Overlay Palazzo Pant
Henna Palazzo Pant

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sugar & Spice’s Coconut Vanilla Skin Soothing Sugar Scrub

May is upon us in full force and swimwear season is going gang busters. So how can you keep your skin glowing and smooth when dipping into the harsh chlorinated pools, salty sea or baking in the summer sun… easy with a wonderful all natural body scrub made from ingredients found right in your pantry!

One of our favorites is the Coconut Vanilla Skin Soothing Sugar Scrub. It contains coconut oil for moisturizing the skin, aloe vera gel or extract for its skin soothing properties, and raw sugar for a less harsh exfoliate on the skin. The best part is that this scrub is not only natural but it is gentle on the pocket book as well, so you can take your skin care savings and spend it on that swimsuit you have been eyeing!

Sugar & Spice’s Coconut Vanilla Skin Soothing Sugar Scrub

2 parts Raw Sugar or Light Brown Sugar (sugar is not as harsh as other natural exfoliates)

1 part Coconut Oil (for moisturizing)

Several Drops of Aloe Vera Extract or Gel (for skin soothing properties)

Several Drops of Vanilla Extract

Sugar Scrub Mixing Instructions:
Mix oils into the sugar slowly, stirring to keep the consistency smooth, and stop when you can form the mixture into a slightly wet ball without it dripping through your fingers. Add the essential oils or extracts last: they are for fragrance, not moisture, and you'll only need a few drops—maybe eight—to get the aroma strong enough. Once mixed scrub entire body, I like to let it sit on my skin in a steamy shower for about 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. The wonderful aroma will relax you and make you feel as though you are on the beach in a tropical paradise. This scrub will make your skin moist, smooth and ready to enjoy your next fun day in the sun!

Note: Never use "fragrance oils" they are chemical fakes that have never been near a plant and can cause irritation or even allergic symptoms. In its place, make sure to use essential oils, which are the true plant oils expressed by pressing or by steam distillation from the actual plants. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Clean Your Swimwear

How to Clean Your Swimwear
v  Always read the tag on your bathing suit first, and if the manufacturer’s recommendations for washing and drying contradict anything in this article, opt for following the manufacturer’s directions.

v  Rinse your bathing suit thoroughly in the sink or tub with cool water.

v  Fill sink or tub with cold water and add amount of swimwear detergent indicated on the product package. If using hand soap, add about a teaspoon per gallon of water.

v  Place bathing suit in the sudsy water and gently massage with your hands (DO NOT wring or twist bathing suit as doing so may damage the material).

v  Remove bathing suit, drain sudsy water from sink or tub and refill with fresh cool water.

v  Place bathing suit in the fresh water and gently massage to rinse out soap residue. Again, DO NOT twist or wring the suit as this may cause damage.

v  Repeat steps 4 and 5 until no soap remains in the bathing suit and the water stays clear.

v  Remove bathing suit from the water, gently squeeze excess water (again, DO NOT twist or wring the bathing suit)

v  Lay a towel out on a flat surface and lay the bathing suit flat on top of the towel to air dry. DO NOT place the bathing suit in the sun as this may cause fading.

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Caring for Your Swimwear
v  NEVER wash your bathing suit in a washing machine as the agitation and detergent will break down the materials quickly and significantly reduce the life of your bathing suit.

v  NEVER dry your bathing suit in a dryer as the heat and mechanics of the dryer will break down the elastic and other material on the bathing suit.

v  ALWAYS rinse your bathing suit thoroughly with cool water after swimming. Pool water residue (i.e. chlorine), salt water, sand, suntan lotion and other contaminants will cause the fabric to become brittle or faded, and will significantly shorten the useful life of your suit. Even if you don’t have time to wash it thoroughly a good rinsing will help reduce the effects.

v  NEVER use bleach on your bathing suit as this may cause damage and discoloration.

v  Avoid using the bathing suit “wringers” available in many swimming pool locker rooms. While these devices may remove excess water, they are very rough on the material, can snag the fabric and may damage the elastic of the bathing suit.

v  Always air-dry your bathing suit by laying it flat. If you hang the suit, it may cause it to lose its shape.

v  Never dry your bathing suit in the sun as it may cause fading or discoloration.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tropical Treat For Your Hair!

If you live in hot weather most of the year and spend time in and out of the pool or on the beach here is a wonderful restoring treatment for your locks to make them luscious again with an added bonus you kind find the items right in your household pantry.

In a spray bottle mix 1/2 cup of coconut oil used for hydration and 1/2 cup olive oil for shine. Spray all over wet hair and pile hair into a bun. Rinse after 30 minutes for ridiculously shiny strands and a smell like you have been in the tropics.

It will make you feel amazing!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Beginning

It has been almost 2 years of putting some focus on moving out of my full time accounting job and into the realm of fashion by creating and opening my first online boutique. I begun with the love of fashion by creating outfits for my Barbie dolls over 25 years ago out of my old clothing and a small sewing machine my mom would use to create dresses for her dolls when she was a little girl. As I grew I didn’t feel fashion was a part of me anymore because I didn’t have the money to buy the most expensive, latest fashion pieces that were being advertised and also lets face it I was an awkward dork growing up. Putting my dorky years behind me, what I have learned as I have gotten older is fashion is not about price but how you wear it and the confidence you exude from it.

Now how did I go from accounting to opening my own online boutique, I say it is about a dream that hasn’t died, the business, and the Barbie doll dress I had sewn out of an old sock that I found packed away in a box of my old dolls my mom had saved. Both my parents have owned their own businesses and from elementary school I have dreamed of doing the same. This dream consisted of building a business from the ground up, my way and allowing my creative side some freedom. One of the most important things I learned from my parents is that if you have a good background in business and can understand how your business is doing for you (i.e. financially), it will save you some stressful days to keep it short because you will know where your business stands at any moment allowing you to make the most appropriate decision for your company. So I went to college and studied Accounting in hopes it will allow me to run a successful business. Now as I sit at my desk preparing financial information for other companies, I feel a piece of me has always been missing and incomplete. In accounting there is no room for creativity and design. As an accountant I feel that I do not get the opportunity to inspire. My dream is to create a company that I can be proud of, a company that would allow me to express my creative side that has been pent up for years just waiting for the right opportunity not only to inspire myself but others through what we wear every day. Now that day has arrived and I am slowing building a dream that has been over 20 years in the making.

I believe in the up and coming, the unique, and something that you will not find just anywhere. It is not always about cost but about quality and how it makes you feel when wearing it. So when thinking about what to begin selling as a retailer I thought the first piece of clothing I put on everyday is my lingerie. By lingerie I do not mean something you only wear in the bedroom but what it is you wear every day. The panties and bras that you wear everyday are lingerie and when you slip it on it should make you feel unbelievably beautiful. Now most people think “well that lacy lingerie is not comfortable to wear all day long,” but in this day and age and the endless possibilities of fashion the seductive lacy bra and panty can now be as comfortable to wear all day as it is when you put it on for a special occasion. Besides who wouldn’t want to feel as sexy and beautiful every day, all day, as you do when you put on that silky little number that is tucked away in your closet. Lingerie is the first thing you put on everyday and it is in a way the foundation that will help inspire your entire outfit and even your confidence level. I know that when I put on something a little lacy and seductive it changes how I feel about myself, giving me a confidence booster. When I feel beautiful and sexy I also feel confident, strong, and that nothing can stand in my way. With that who wouldn’t want to feel that way every day and it is as simple as the first two items of clothing you put on every day.

I now am getting a chance to live a dream and inspire self-confidence and beauty through lingerie and build a company that I have always dreamed of. To anyone who is reading this, I hope I can inspire you to put on something a little sexy under your clothes even if you are just going to the grocery store; it is amazing the way it will transform how you feel about yourself. By beginning with the foundation of lingerie I hope to build a complete ensemble, as I build my company, for my customers that will make them feel amazingly beautiful every day.

Until next time…

Aleta - Owner of Sugar & Spice Boutique