Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Beginning

It has been almost 2 years of putting some focus on moving out of my full time accounting job and into the realm of fashion by creating and opening my first online boutique. I begun with the love of fashion by creating outfits for my Barbie dolls over 25 years ago out of my old clothing and a small sewing machine my mom would use to create dresses for her dolls when she was a little girl. As I grew I didn’t feel fashion was a part of me anymore because I didn’t have the money to buy the most expensive, latest fashion pieces that were being advertised and also lets face it I was an awkward dork growing up. Putting my dorky years behind me, what I have learned as I have gotten older is fashion is not about price but how you wear it and the confidence you exude from it.

Now how did I go from accounting to opening my own online boutique, I say it is about a dream that hasn’t died, the business, and the Barbie doll dress I had sewn out of an old sock that I found packed away in a box of my old dolls my mom had saved. Both my parents have owned their own businesses and from elementary school I have dreamed of doing the same. This dream consisted of building a business from the ground up, my way and allowing my creative side some freedom. One of the most important things I learned from my parents is that if you have a good background in business and can understand how your business is doing for you (i.e. financially), it will save you some stressful days to keep it short because you will know where your business stands at any moment allowing you to make the most appropriate decision for your company. So I went to college and studied Accounting in hopes it will allow me to run a successful business. Now as I sit at my desk preparing financial information for other companies, I feel a piece of me has always been missing and incomplete. In accounting there is no room for creativity and design. As an accountant I feel that I do not get the opportunity to inspire. My dream is to create a company that I can be proud of, a company that would allow me to express my creative side that has been pent up for years just waiting for the right opportunity not only to inspire myself but others through what we wear every day. Now that day has arrived and I am slowing building a dream that has been over 20 years in the making.

I believe in the up and coming, the unique, and something that you will not find just anywhere. It is not always about cost but about quality and how it makes you feel when wearing it. So when thinking about what to begin selling as a retailer I thought the first piece of clothing I put on everyday is my lingerie. By lingerie I do not mean something you only wear in the bedroom but what it is you wear every day. The panties and bras that you wear everyday are lingerie and when you slip it on it should make you feel unbelievably beautiful. Now most people think “well that lacy lingerie is not comfortable to wear all day long,” but in this day and age and the endless possibilities of fashion the seductive lacy bra and panty can now be as comfortable to wear all day as it is when you put it on for a special occasion. Besides who wouldn’t want to feel as sexy and beautiful every day, all day, as you do when you put on that silky little number that is tucked away in your closet. Lingerie is the first thing you put on everyday and it is in a way the foundation that will help inspire your entire outfit and even your confidence level. I know that when I put on something a little lacy and seductive it changes how I feel about myself, giving me a confidence booster. When I feel beautiful and sexy I also feel confident, strong, and that nothing can stand in my way. With that who wouldn’t want to feel that way every day and it is as simple as the first two items of clothing you put on every day.

I now am getting a chance to live a dream and inspire self-confidence and beauty through lingerie and build a company that I have always dreamed of. To anyone who is reading this, I hope I can inspire you to put on something a little sexy under your clothes even if you are just going to the grocery store; it is amazing the way it will transform how you feel about yourself. By beginning with the foundation of lingerie I hope to build a complete ensemble, as I build my company, for my customers that will make them feel amazingly beautiful every day.

Until next time…

Aleta - Owner of Sugar & Spice Boutique

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